Our Story...

RLS Media Group was created to help small and large businesses utilize high quality, professional video production without maxing out their budget. Most of our services are discounted up to 60% of the current professional industry standard. 
We offer the most competitive pricing around by contracting young, local talent to work on our projects. This also allows emerging artists an avenue to apply and develop their already impressive skills. 
All contractors are required to have extensive experience in their related field, along with tremendous interpersonal skills.
We take extra effort to make sure our contractors are ready to handle a variety of challenges while on the job. To earn our clients trust, we offer a satisfaction guarantee, along with a variety of discounts. 

Meet The Team

Randall takes pride in being a fun, and caring individual a strong believer that a diverse range of experiences will create a more informed perspective on the world that we live in.


While in high school, Randall raised $29,000 and started the sports/news broadcasting network know as "TBN" entirely from scratch. The broadcasts featured student commentary and even live graphics during popular sporting events and graduation. TBN was named a 2014 National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Online Pacemaker Finalist. In just 6 months, becoming one of the top ten high school news websites in the entire county.

Riley was one of the first members of RLS Media group and assisted in getting the enterprise off the ground.  Passionate for video production and the power of small business, Riley has worked as a consultant for numerous community focused businesses including Mill Valley’s Young Entrepreneur Prize. 


Since meeting in 2010, Riley and Randy have worked on numerous startup ventures including The Tam Broadcasting Network and Think Tank Tutoring. Riley is known for being a motivated, passionate individual that brings a positive spirit to both his video aspirations and on the golf course.  

Randall Shapiro |  Founder

Riley Kuffner |  Vice President