The Proof is in

The Production. 

Client Interview - Katy Song

Sausalito, CA - Cartelligent

In 2010, "RLS Video Services" was founded as a video production company by Mill Valley native, Randall Shapiro.
Since then, the company has expanded into many additional forms of digital media. In 2014, "RLS Media Group" was officially created. 
The new brand symbolizes the many different forms of digital media that are within the company's service abilities.
Affordable post-production is what sets RLS Media Group apart from other media services. With years of experience using industry leading software, every video is gorgeous. 
RLS Media Group uses top quality camera, lighting, stabilization, and microphone gear to make sure your videos are up to top industry standards.
The PROOF is in the PRODUCTION...
RLS Media Group Sting

Mill Valley, CA - RLS Media Group

Video and Production

Our Signature Service

RLS Media Group uses top quality camera, lighting, stabilization and microphone gear to make sure your videos are up to top industry standards. 

Graphics and Animations

Create Your Image

In addition to production based media services, RLS Media Group specializes in creating all forms of digital art. Our staff can custom create virtually any form of digital art to meet your needs.


Stay in the know

Don't get distracted by the world around you. Check in at RLS Media group to stay in the know!